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Dr. Vivek H

I want to thank Dr. Chowhan sir for giving me an opportunity to avail Laparoscopic and endoscopy training at SMASTI  Sehgal Neo Hospital. I want to thank Dr. Narin Sehgal Sir, who was my mentor for 2 Months, and I have no words to thank Dr. Narin Sehgal, for his mentorship and guidance. I want to thank Dr. Dhingra Sir, who taught me how to maintain patience, while performing Laparoscopic surgeries. Dr. Manoj sir, under whose guidance I have performed maximum number of surgeries, independently and which gave me lots of confidence. Dr. Alka Madam who allowed me to assist her in gynae laparoscopic surgeries. In the initial phase, I was not able to hold the upper GI Endoscope properly but Dr. Tarun sir & Dr. Piyush Sir took personal pains in teaching me the upper and lower GI endoscopy from scratch. So overall it was a very nice and fruitful experience for me to have done the two month residency program at SMASTI Sehgal Neo Hospital. I want to again thank all the faculty members. Thank you every one.